Murrieta Genomics Spinout simplSEQ Receives Notice of Allowance from US Patent Office for Core Technology Patent

November 10, 2021 11:53 am Published by Comments Off on Murrieta Genomics Spinout simplSEQ Receives Notice of Allowance from US Patent Office for Core Technology Patent

Company Filed Second Patent Application to Extend Core Technology Applications

Murrieta Genomics is pleased to announce that U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for its subsidiary simplSEQ’s patent application No. 17/331,532 for certain claims related to the isolation and immobilization of nucleic acids and uses thereof. This novel approach to isolation of nucleic acids in a biological sample by enzymatic tailing to the 3’ end and attaching to a solid support offers several advantages over the current methods employed by laboratories worldwide.  

There are two key advancements from this patent. The first is having a complete DNA strand bound to a solid surface. This allows laboratories a new level of flexibility and options for molecular applications. One of the key attributes is the second advancement, which is the ability to create high fidelity copies of the complete DNA and RNA in under an hour. Researchers and clinicians can now analyze specific segments of the DNA without depleting the source.  This provides the opportunity to go back and reinterrogate additional segments as needed or share copies of the segments they are analyzing with other labs.  

The simplSEQ attached nucleic acids ae platform agnostic and can be used directly in standard PCR and NGS based assays. 

“There are a number of applications based upon this technology that we are developing,” stated Brandon Young, inventor of the patent and Chief Science Officer of simplSEQ. “We have already filed an additional patent application based on our core technology and have several more in process. The more we work with this technology, the more applications and advantages emerge. We are now working with several outside labs to explore even more innovations based on our patented technology.”

John Powers, CEO of simplSEQ, said that the company is in the process of manufacturing its first set of kits to begin commercialization. “We’ve taken a Six-Sigma approach to library preparation eliminating error prone steps to streamline QA/QC and turn-around time. We will continue to work with collaborating labs to fine tune our kits and get external data for validation,” he stated. “We anticipate having kits ready for commercial use in early 2022.” 

“I am constantly having conversations with medical and technology colleagues about our process and how it can impact medicine,” said Dr. John Spinosa, Chief Medical Officer. “I am literally at the whiteboard on a daily basis thinking of new things that can be done and get more excited about the potential of this every day.”

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