Murrieta Genomics Accepted into “Microsoft for Startups” Program

June 6, 2019 6:30 am Published by Comments Off on Murrieta Genomics Accepted into “Microsoft for Startups” Program

Murrieta Genomics, a launch pad for genomic sequencing startups, has been accepted as a member of the “Microsoft for Startups” program.

“We see this as a big win for Murrieta Genomics,” stated Jay Goth, CEO. “Genomic technology is generating vast amounts of data. Managing that data, as well as being able to integrate additional outside data to make new discoveries is critical to genomic sequencing startups. There are huge benefits to becoming a Microsoft Startup – access to already proven tools and resources, use of Azure, and the ability to sell alongside Microsoft salespeople and partners.”

“Microsoft for Startups is a program that delivers access to technology, go-to-market and community benefits that help startups grow their customer and revenue base,” explained David Houlding, Principal Lead for Healthcare at Microsoft. “Startups are an indisputable innovation engine, and Microsoft is partnering with founders and investors to help propel their growth. By working with Murrieta Genomics, we can help them as well as their incubator startups with their data and analytic challenges.”

Microsoft Genomics brings the power of Azure to genomic computation. It provides the performance, security and scalability of a world-class supercomputing center, on demand. Murrieta Genomics will be able to leverage Microsoft’s industry-leading approach to security, privacy and local compliance with Azure, while minimizing cost and complexity.

Murrieta Genomics was introduced to Microsoft’s Startup program by the CEO of Encrypgen, Dr. David Koepsell. Encrypgen, another Microsoft Startup, is working with Murrieta Genomics to offer true data ownership and control to sequencing customers by utilizing blockchain.

“When I saw what Murrieta Genomics was doing, and considered how we would be working together, it only made sense to suggest that they consider the Microsoft platform, said Dr. Koepsell. “When I suggested that Microsoft for Startups take a look, they were only too happy to talk to Murrieta Genomics about their business plans and data strategies.”

“I think Microsoft is taking a great approach to healthcare,” said Goth. “The confluence of precision medicine and big data is driving incredible advances in human healthcare. Then when you look at the advantages they offer genomic companies in all areas of computing and analytics, we can expand our work into agriculture, forensics, veterinary medicine and other areas seamlessly, with a great partner at our side.”

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