John Powers of Murrieta Genomics to Address International Genomic Conference

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John Powers, co-founder of Murrieta Genomics, LLC, the Southern California genomic sequencing business incubator, will be discussing the critical role that Next Generation Genomic Sequencing (NGS) is playing in the current evolution of precision medicine at the Global Summit on Genomics and Pharmacogenomics being held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on September 21 and 22, 2018. He will speak at 10:00 am EDT on September 22.

The theme of the conference is “Leading Edge Research and Insights of Genomics and Pharmacogenomics.” Mr. Powers will be drawing from his extensive background in wireless communications and biotechnology to provide insights and analogies into the transformation of two of the world’s largest industries through technological innovation.

“The current trajectory of healthcare costs is unsustainable without major changes,” according to Powers, “and NGS is an incredible enabling technology with the potential to impact the medical world the same way that Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) impacted the cellular market. I believe that NGS will drive down costs and provide greater access to precision medicine in much the way that cellular technology has enabled individuals around the world unparalleled access to information.”

“Just as the merging of information happened in the wireless industry, the applications, software and technology will evolve over the next decade to fully utilize the power of NGS,” Powers opined. “The medical market is now leveraging data analytics tools such as neural networks, deep learning and artificial evolution programming to gain deeper insight into human biology from the information produced by NGS. These two industries are going to continue to converge as part of medical evolution.”

John Powers has spent his professional career in high tech, first in the wireless industry and for the past 10 years John has worked in the medical industry specifically focused on halting cancer. As CEO of IntraOp Medical, John worked with multidisciplinary teams including physicists, surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists in the top cancer centers around the world. Working with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) John was able to secure a new reimbursement code and reimbursement for Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT).  John’s work with IntraOp led him to an interest in gene-based technologies available to foil cancer before a tumor can grow or metastasize. John has spent the past 3 years working with cancer and surgical centers promoting and expanding genetic and genomic testing. He is committed to the expansion and incorporation of gene sequencing in conventional medicine.

About Murrieta Genomics, LLC
Murrieta Genomics provides access to next generation sequencing technology for researchers in the health, veterinary, agriculture, forensics and direct to consumer industries. The company is a true business incubator, offering mentorship and guidance from both the scientific and business perspective to aspiring genomic-related entrepreneurs. The four founding principals of Murrieta Genomics have extensive background in business, finance, science and technology. They are supplemented with an advisory board and local mentors from both business and science. In addition to low-cost incubation, the company provides hands-on consulting to qualified incubator graduates and connections to next-stage funders.

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