Murrieta Genomics’ Jay Goth to Discuss Funding Research at World Precision Medicine Congress 2018

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Murrieta Genomics, LLC, the Southern California genomic sequencing business incubator, will be represented at the World Precision Medicine Congress 2018 in London, England May 16-18, 2018. Jay Goth and John Powers, two of the company’s founders, will be meeting with potential incubator companies, partners and investors at the event. Mr. Goth, who is also managing partner of Forentis Fund, an early stage biotech VC, will be chairman of the Infrastructure and Investment track at the Congress, focusing on the development and funding of precision medicine projects.

Jay Goth of Murrieta Genomics

“This congress attracts global medical industry leaders who are driving the new precision medicine paradigm,” stated Mr. Goth. “Providing the right treatment to patients determined by their individual biology can save lives and money. Genomic sequencing and accurate measurement of the many ‘omic biomarkers provide key insights that can guide both treatment and ultimately prevention of disease. Funding provides the support needed by researchers to bring new discoveries to market.”

The Congress looks at the precision medicine pipeline, from early discovery and development of personalized drugs and diagnostics, through to research and innovation, implementing precision medicine into clinics and hospitals.

John Powers of Murrieta Genomics

“The use of genomic sequencing to guide precision medicine is on the rise globally,” said Mr. Powers. “We believe that by providing both the technology and business mentorship to biotech entrepreneurs, Murrieta Genomics is breaking new ground on bringing science to the patient. We provide bench space, access to NGS technology, scientific and business advisors, as well as an extremely supportive local healthcare coalition that can provide the support these researchers need. If they can prove their science and business model with our guidance, we provide the ‘graduate’ with seed funding and access to secondary sources of capital, for a clear pathway to commercialization.”

While healthcare is a primary focus of Murrieta Genomics, the company views the flourishing field of genomics impacting agriculture as well, and sees applications of the technology in consumer products, forensics, and the veterinary field. “Genomics hold the key to so many dynamic new business models,” Powers added. “We have had conversations with entrepreneurs in all of these areas and believe that companies that come out of our incubator will have a significant impact in a number of industries.”

About Murrieta Genomics, LLC
Murrieta Genomics provides access to next generation sequencing technology for researchers in the health, veterinary, agriculture, forensics and direct to consumer industries. The company is a true business incubator, offering mentorship and guidance from both the scientific and business perspective to aspiring genomic-related entrepreneurs. The four founding principals of Murrieta Genomics have extensive background in business, finance, science and technology. They are supplemented with an advisory board and local mentors from both business and science. In addition to low-cost incubation, the company provides hands-on consulting and will provide seed funding to qualified incubator graduates and connections to next-stage funders. For more information visit

Jay Goth, Murrieta Genomics
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